Okaaay. I've looked for a video on youtube and the new video of Lady Gaga was advertised everywhere. Two people told me about it yesterday. I watched it, but the truth is.. I kinda dislike it. It's kinda shocking to see her almost naked (or isn't it? actually, she's LADY GAGA)

the incredible thing is that the video has 11,366,143 views and the premiere was on 11th March

do you like the song/video?
comment and tell me your opinion


  1. love the song, love lady gaga and love Kill Bill...but for some reason didn't like this videoclip.

    found it a bit self-indulgent meself!


  2. yes, I agree;
    her looks are shocking; for e.g. she had a weird hairstyle with juice cans in her hair
    I'll have a post about her hairstyles asap :)



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