how (NOT) to wear a classy bag

I know I haven't written anything for a long time, but there's something going on nowadays that keeps upsetting me. Yes, I'm talking about the classic Chanel-style's not that I don't like it (I love it and I wish I had at least one). It's just the way some of our "neighborhood" pals wear it. Adding to that, the increased number of Romanian celebrities who wear it as if it is a simple messenger bag! (something like in the picture above)

I've hit the search button on Google and to my surprise none of the American celebrities and (even) reality stars don't wear this type of bag like that. Therefore, my opinion regarding the way you wear this fashion item proved to be right. You have to consider the fact that it is not a bag you take with you at the gym and you have to wear it with style. Here are some examples of celebrities that wore it best (and they go on and on) .

Mischa Barton, rocking a Jumbo bag with Converse
Kim Kardashian

Christina Ricci

Nicole Richie, the ultimate fashionista

Lauren Conrad
and...Nicole Richie again
it's not about the brand, it's the way you wear it!


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