spring break is coming :)

My week has started pretty well (in spite of the bad mark at Physics) .

Next week I'll be on holiday. Can't wait!! even though it lasts just 10 days, there's plenty of time to go out. My plan for the holiday is to go to the Botanical Garden because I haven't been there since 2001. Obviously, I post the photos as soon as they are on my laptop.

So,back to what I've done today.
I tidied up my room (partially) and I discovered some Barbie dolls and outfits for them. They were really into *fashion* some time ago :D

My mate&friend, Dew, came from Italy. She bought me this pretty scarf :)

and btw, I don't know why the uploader doesn't work (maybe someone could tell me)
so I have uploaded the photos on photobucket.


  1. click on the pic to see the whole pic ; I don't know why it's not entirely shown :(

  2. wow great tee, it looks so cute love it x

  3. i dont know either hahha
    but i would also love to know
    you top is so adorable!



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