Despite the bad weather,my day has been fine. I will have another post about STARS because one of my classmates is keen on buying one (and I mean it,lol) :D
I usually go on foot, but I traveled by bus today (the traffic was terrible) .

I love listening to music when I'm in the bus because I escape from the real world ,but these days I couldn't escape at all because the headphones got broken.
It seems bad luck follows me because 3 pairs of headphones have broken so far .
I would buy another pair,but they are quite expensive, compared with the ipod itself.
so, if you know what other headphones I can get, please tell me :D
and also, let me know if you have had this problem.

Have a nice&cosy evening :)


  1. Your blog is great!

    xx fesi-fashion

  2. thanks,dear:)
    but I gotta post more often and I don't have enough time



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