happy easter

funny bunny made of honey says *Happy Easter to everyone!*
I don't know how this year has passed so quickly, but here I am, cleaning my room for Easter.
I shouldn't have tidied up the room in the last minute, but I was quite lazy. I rearranged the stuff on the shelves. It looks more spacious.

I remember going with my dad and looking for leaves several years ago(in my childhood). Then, we would stick them on the eggs and then put the eggs in socks/tights. Weird, I know. Eventually, the eggs became reddish with a flower model.

I don't even know what type of wine is that. I'm not a fan of red wines.

I got this rabbit when I was like 6 or 7. It was one of my favorite toys.
I sorted the toys these days and I wanted to throw this one, but my mom saved it.
Now I use it as a decorative thing :)

As a tradition, me and my parents use to go to church on Sunday and then go to grandma's place
There she prepares different meals (2-3, it depends) This time, I won't eat so much because I'm on a diet.
Promise to take photos of the family lunch and post them

and don't forget


  1. such cute eggs
    i want one !!!

    cool blog
    gonna follow, check out mine its new and i need all the tips i can get !!!

    georgia xxx


  2. I will:)
    I'm kinda new,as well

  3. Hello lovely! The eggs you painted are a piece of art! I tried to paint mine red and they turned out pink... Never mind. I really loved your blog, you look amazing in every outfit post and I am happy to find out that we have the same pink I-pod Suffle! Many many kisses!

  4. actually, my dad painted them. maybe you'll be more lucky next Easter:)




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