so,here we are again
this was the last day of school before the spring break, but I didn't go to school (and hopefully, my mates didn't go,either)

today I was in the mood for shopping but unfortunately I didn't find anything I liked. I wait for the sales because I want to do some DIY projects.
Then I entered a store and the shop-assistant said all the products were at the same price. There weren't any interesting goods, so I bought the sunglasses keyring.

my outfit for today was simple : pink top (no brand), vintage chain&ring, blue jeans, Zara jacket, Longchamp Le Pliage bag &chucks (but you can't see them in the pic)

these are the sunglasses I was talking about. I will attach them to a chain.

Have a great weekend


  1. cute keyring! i think you look sweet, based on the description of your look. :)

    nah i thrifted the heels, i got them for a low price and they're completely comfortable. :)

  2. such a great outfit. The sunglasses are really cute

  3. thanks:D
    I found them at Moa



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