archive part one

April was quite relaxing. I went out a lot and took photos in the nature. So,as I promised, here are some shots (I am not keen on writing too much ,as you notice, I'll let the photos *speak* )

Right after the short photo session I went to one of my friend's bday (Geo). She turned 15 and she had a bday cake with her picture on it. I know people dislike others having pictures of them on their sites, that's why I avoid posting pictures of others :)


  1. I feel just the same way as you - I don't feel like writing too much either on my blog. I prefer to look at the pictures instead.
    And I really like yours, you look very pretty!!:)

  2. ce-mi place geanta ta :X
    la multi ani Geooo !

    Huuugs :)

  3. Love the nature pictures - I wish my hair was as long as yours!!!

  4. thanks :)
    I think I haven't cut my hair for 2 years , only the fringe

  5. nice blog!



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