does anyone speak German!?

my week has started with a test and it continues with .. another one at German. The worst part is the fact we have to write a love letter in German and I am not good at it. The even-worse part is that I have to write it until tomorrow.
If someone has time to help, then please do, (leave a comment and I'll give you my e-mail or messenger id) because I need a high mark :)

Till then, here is the newest video by ACDC which had a concert in my country yesterday and I couldn't be there:(

Have a nice day, I'll be back with photos tomorrow


  1. ich liebe dich is i love you in German!

  2. ahaha, I managed to write a letter in German, but thanks anyway:)

  3. cute blog!
    I opened a new fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers:-)

  4. m-am intalnit cu Ande in pauza mare cand aveati de scris scisoarea si si eu i-am zis sa scrie numai Ich liebe dich,ca ajunge :))

    sii tuu,daca te rog,ca eu nu am id-ul ei sa ii spui ca pe linku asta :

    i sunt pozele de la piesa ei,pe care le-am facut,si ca sa le salveze :*
    mersi mult >:D<



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