last days

School finishes on Thursday , yay!! but these last days of school have been plain boring. On Sunday I went to the cinema to watch *sex and the city 2* and I was quite disappointed :( I had expected much more from the movie because I loved the 1st one. Anyway, Kim Catrall doesn't show her real age at all :)

Tomorrow me and some friends are gonna help the 5th graders with make-up and styling. They have a drama play (I think!?) and they play goddesses and gods and we gotta style them with specific Greek make-up. If you know any tip,please leave a comment :)

Have a great day and schoolend


  1. beautiful!
    and yah I finish school on Thursday!
    excitement ♥

  2. lurve the photo second from the bottom


  3. i like your outfit in the first picture. =D




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