school's out :)

I'm back with brand new photos and a new name for my blog. the reason? I needed a change and I kept thinking about a fresh name, but one day I downloaded new fonts for my laptop (here : ) and one of them was called Noir-et-Blanc (Black-and-White) . I liked how it sounded (I don't speak French at all) and I thought it would be perfect for my blog . Now the photos:


  1. Love it. The header is amazing.


  2. Loving the changes, and your photos are beaut!

  3. I love the flower in your hair! =)

  4. great change!!! love these photos.. man, i really need a new camera!

    Animated Confessions

  5. thank you,girls :)
    but I think I'll delete my account, not because of the time, but because there isn't anyone to take photos of me:( and I don't like using my tripod

  6. i love those pictures, especially the first one!
    noir et blanc is a cool name, well chosen!
    xx, zaia



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