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I'd like to start by saying "Happy Easter!" to you and then talk about some big crushes of mine.

Also, I've been thinking of changing the blog's design and maybe add some splashes of color (since the color-blocking trend is so IN) and perhaps change the name because "Effashion" became dull. I've got some ideas about the new name, but the current one represents me because it's composed from Effie-my nickname and Fashion-which is a big obsession of mine. Anyway, I use to tweet as RockandRoses20, so maybe Rock and roses is another option and I post on Tumblr under the name The devil in lace (I have no idea why I chose this name, I think that my lacey background inspired me :-D).

So here's what I adore at present: plaid t-shirts with logos (I love American/British flags, hearts, quotes&sayings, and especially those from Wildfox. Then, I believe that Jeffrey Campbell shoes are MUSTS in every fashionista's closet (I love the wedges and the studded ones). What's more, wayfarer sunglasses will never fade with time, that's why I think they are also MUSTS. I'm in love with colored skirts like the ones above and I want to purchase one, but I haven't found them in the malls (weird!??) I also like large black hats, studded accessories, and not to forget beauty products such as OPI nail polish (I've just purchased the navy blue one) and I Love Love perfume by Moschino, my favorite!

That's all for now, I'm heading to the church now with my parents. Have a great weekend!!



  1. I love all the items your have chosen.
    xx J.

  2. cute!!!




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