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I present to you my favorite Litas.
You see them every day, adore them, and secretly want to steal them from your favorite fashionistas and bloggers. Not very affordable, but with unique and playful designs, these babes are must haves and should belong in your closet. They can be worn with almost everything (jeans, skirts,etc) and on many occasions. I will come back with a post tomorrow on how to style Litas, so stay tuned. 
These goodies come in many colors, I prefer the classics because you can wear them on a daily basis, but if you are a bit creative, you can style any pair however you like. 
Here are the "shoes to die for", in my opinion:
Black Studded Litas

Cosmic Litas  (like my blog name :-D)
                                                American flag Litas

And now I know that some of you are very enthusiastic about buying a pair, but you don't have the right budget. I've done my "homework", and here are some dupes/faux Litas that you can easily buy. Personally, I haven't bought any, but I intend to do. Perhaps you don't trust sites like ebay, but I've made some purchases from there and I can say I'm happy with my merchandise. 

US $32.59 , sounds tempting, huh?

I recommend you should buy from those who already sold more pairs. For eg. if a seller has sold 3 and another one has sold 15, buy from the later.

Also, you can find faux shoes on A friend of mine discovered it and I saw many amazing things there but I wasn't able to purchase because of some problems with my credit card (It doesn't allow me to buy online, it sucks, but I will solve this problem by going to the bank)

Lovely, right? Be careful, they may end up at $ 30 with the shipping.

Good luck with shopping and I hope you receive them in a blink of an eye! (I wish that)
Litas will never die :-)
girls, which pair would you choose? PEEK-A-SHOE


  1. I would love the black studded Litas. Nice informative post, Diana!

    PS Thank you for your lovely comment :)

  2. your very welcome :-) I spent days looking for the perfect pair ! haha



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