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As I promised, here are some outfits I designed using Polyvore (God bless you)

Glitz&glam - personally, I wouldn't wear this, but I love the black&gold combo. Reminds me of the song Black and yellow :-D and besides, who affords the splendid Chanel? It's suitable for going out on an afternoon-dusk
Rock-ish - this is totally my style : black, studs, moustache and the must-haves Raybans. I picked the red lipstick because red and black go together so well and it gives you a bad-chick allure.
Rock-ish again - I am just obsessed with stripes and moustache stuff. I also added the nerd glasses, I would wear this in a club with dubstep/alternative/non-commercial music
Comfortable - suitable for spring. The cozy sweater can warm you on a chilly evening in March/April. (even now, because it's extremely cold for this period) I added a touch of glam given by the studded bracelets. Studs again, crazy,huh?

I hope you enjoyed the looks that I've created, I will make a second part, you can make suggestions about what kind of outfits you would like to see - rock-ish (but I have posted enough, I think you're bored with them :-D), floral, summer-ish, elegant, etc. I will be back with another post like this soon. 

Have a great evening everyone! I'm going to lay in bed watching Tv (so not so great). Xo


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