dreaming is the only way

Straight to the subject - who has odd dreams, beside me? We usually remember dreams after we wake up and it's easy to keep track of them by taking notes. Let me tell you about last night's nightmare because it could be a movie script.

The action took place at my house and in a ghost city. I'm saying that because of the tall buildings and the narrow paths which I've never seen in my life. (it happened to me that once I saw landscapes and houses in my dreams, and later in life, I encountered them.)
Actually, as I recall it, it may have looked a bit like this. A bit foggy, a chilly day and many unknown faces, walking like pawns on a chess board.
Back to my apartment, I was spending a great family day with my parents. It was a Tuesday, after the Easter break. (yes, I remember all these details, human brain is awkward,as well) Mom was pouring coffee and my dad was reading a yellow-ish with a vintage tone newspaper - again a strange thing because he has never bought a newspaper. Life was followings its natural course until we heard a crack on the door and we found ourselves in a mist of fire arms. I was holding a cup of coffee, moving slowly to the kitchen when I was being pierced by a bullet. First thing - I fell in a short amnesia , then realizing the dripping red tears from my stomach. Suddenly he was missing, disappeared  in a blink of an eye.
The next scene was me walking as if nothing ever happened. Again, I was walking on lonely roads with people having their heads looking down to the ground, with a dull look on their faces. I felt a strong force grabbing me from my hand and dragging me to an obscure place, tightening my arms.
I recognized the anger on his face Was this a punishment for all I've sinned? I was telling myself: maybe he wants an explanation, but I'm sure he wants more than that, he wants revenge . I was expecting to pull out a gun and shoot me right in my heart, to feel the pain that he felt, but literally... His ghost haunts me, but I want to let go of the past because I feel numb and my feelings are vague, faint. You were accusing me of things, like you usually do, my expectations met the reality. So if you're reading this - but you probably don't because you've never liked anything of what I did, you were always criticizing me - just leave me alone and stop following my every step. 
I struggled hard enough to escape the mess I was dragged into. I loosened the knot - apparently, you were keeping me there like a prisoner, exactly like you used to do those 2 years , unable to escape and be free. I picked my studded leather jacket while you were out and ran like a desperate, leaving my phone, my credit card behind. Isn't that funny? Just like reality, you "robbed" me. I took my chance and ran away, I didn't belong to you.

But what if, what if this wasn't a dream at all?


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