pastel p-i-n-k

Pink is such a happy color, they say. I would add "a unique and outstanding" color. But don't make it too outstanding by dying your hair in vivid neon pink. If you're a blonde, then you have all the reasons to be happy because it matches with your hair perfectly and you'll get an ice cream/Popsicle/cotton candy look.
If you dare for more, you could add light green or turquise. Mmm! Got me thinking of Margaritas and Curacao. ! haha You can't see well from the photo, but I had a bit of pink in my hair last September. The previous time was in the 8th grade when I dyed all my hair in pink. I don't know what was in my head . oh wait, Magenta was! And before that, I had pink streaks and had argued with mom about that.
 Stay tuned, I will prepare another set of looks next time.
Can you guess which color?


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