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I've been starting to question about the world we live in today. Not a philosopher, but some things have started to piss me off and the people I see everyday have become robots, without feelings. I wonder, if I ever feel blue and miserable, will I have a shoulder to cry on? Or will their skin feel as cold as metal? Where are the simple things that make us happy? 
 Have they turned into iPhones, x6-s, Prada over-sized sunglasses and Zara New Collection? I am not saying that they won't make me happy, because I'd be thrilled to have all of these, but my happiness will last only for a while. Until the phone charger breaks or till the garments get washed out, or flat tire...But I'd be more than happy to have somebody smiling at me on a rough day, to get a chocolate box when I find out my crush is gay, to have somebody that loves me unconditionally, somebody to look me in the eyes, not to stare at my ass, somebody that doesn't ask questions when I need silence and meditation.
I wish money didn't matter in today's society, that showing your social status wouldn't make you superior and powerful. In addition, I hope that those hard-working people, although they use their own forces to gain money and success, would stop thinking of gaining profit even just for a second and take a look at what is around them: people who care about them and love them even though they are ignored. Remember the mundane things that you used to do on a daily basis: go to the gym, grab a sandwich, go to a cake shop and eat a chocolate eclair, drink water from the tap. 
They have all become superficial, starting to like being in the lime light, the center of the universe. I feel hopeless about them, despite the fact that I try to remind them somehow how much they've changed.
Money won't change me on the inside, it will just give me a whole new physical appearance that some of you may think it's pretty, but I will still stay true to my heart. I can still be a kind person even with a pair of Jeffrey Campbells or driving a Mercedes. (Oh wait, I don't have a driving license yet!) Once you trust in superficiality, there's no turning back.
If you don't agree, then it means you're a spoiled brat. (Kidding) Just had to speak my mind, or "write" my mind.


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