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Get a TUMBLR-ish room! 
As I was browsing on weheartit and tumblr, I came across many photos of cute rooms and closets to die for. I was thinking "I need a room makeover." And I'll probably have it after I finish with my exams and I'll be free. Summer is a good time to revise your closet, to sort your summer outfits, to make room for the cute floral skirts and hot shorts and to put the jumpers somewhere hidden in the back of the wardrobe.  

 What's more, after you are done with all you exams and get them over with, there may be notebooks and old books that you don't need anymore and you could give them to others who need them or just throw them (you should clean all your desk and see what's useful and what isn't anymore, because there are many things I'm sure you have forgotten about.) Also, if you find old magazines (from the times when Justin Bieber was a 16 year-old boy haha ) , don't just keep them, or keep them if there's an article you liked or they have posters with your favorite band. Keep a classy magazine, instead, with outfits inspirations or decor inspiration. (or it depends on what you are interested in : make-up, hairstyles, etc)
Now, some tips about the makeover :
- try to have in mind a style that you'd like for your room 
- if you are keen on the British culture and Great Britain in general, paint the room in white and red, put a flag, buy pencils, boxes or bed setting with the UK flag, put a wallpaper with the flag on your wall; 

- if you like the princess look for your room, buy a vintage mirror, vintage-designed pillows, have a retro white desk, put your accessories in designer boxes, buy white clothes hangers, keep a photograph in a retro photo frame, etc

- if you like a romantic look, buy candles, fluffy pillows, Paris-themed objects : bedding settings, frames, a golden mirror, a new cover for your laptop, a canopy bed, lovely curtains, put lots of flowers, keep your favorite magazines and books in a nice box with pastel colors;
- generally, put lights, cute boxes, light colors in your room;
- have a room spray with a delicate perfume;
- make a collage with your favorite quotations and lyrics and put them into a nice frame, then hang it on your wall; 
- buy a vintage candelabra; 

- buy a small clothes rack and keep your favorite dresses there, as if you were in a store at the mall. Also keep the best pair of your shoes (if you have JC's or designer shoes, or even if you have look-a-likes) in a fancy box, or on top of the box;
You can follow my advice, I just wrote down what I thought my room should be like. Honestly, I'd like the princess room, with a big white bed, pastel sheets, a big budoir with a white vintage mirror, my favorite perfumes on the desk, a huge closet with cute hangers and enough room for my shoes and bags. Also, I'd like white candles and a white candelabra.



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