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If there's one brand that has splendid campaigns, then it surely is Wildfox Couture. I kept track of previous campaigns and they had really awesome themes such as wild west, pool, cowgirls, route 66, cupcakes - inspired outfits and the new one hits big time: thin layers, short dresses and stockings. Oh, and a retro allure. Who can want more? Now, everything must have a down side: they are a bit pricey for a usual girl's budget (for me, for e.g.) Zara and other stores have Wildfox-like blouses which are more affordable. 

I'll skip the talk, and here are the most amazing photos, in my opinion:
  click here to see the whole campaign http://www.wildfoxcouture.com/HELLO-SAILOR-at-CID383.aspx . I've chosen my favorite pictures and outfits. The photos are just stunning, and I have no words to describe the model. Stockings all the way!


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